Bug Reports / BSOD in webcam driver
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9/27/2010 2:21:29 AM Reply with Quote

Hello Support,

I have a blue screen problem with Nefsis, at least with builds 331 and 339. The problem appears with the built-in webcam of a Dell Precision M2400 and Windows XP SP3.

When I install the latest Dell-provided driver (Creative Labs Integrated Webcam v1.08.01.0129, A07, see here: http://ftp.us.dell.com/input/CREATIVE-LABS_INTEGRATED-WEB_A07_R258275.exe) I get a BSOD as soon as the Nefsis conference client tries to initialise audio. After the next boot Nefsis asks me if I would like to try audio again, but the only thing I will get is another blue screen.

My workaround for the moment is to deinstall the Dell-provided driver and let Windows use the Microsoft-provided default webcam driver. With this Nefsis works without BSODs.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,

Bernhard Rafetseder

PS: is there a way to download older builds to cross-check which build introduced the problem?

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