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First let’s start off with what a Nefsis Host is. A Nefsis Host is the conference owner or can be a participant that uses the ‘Take host or presenter’ option when already in a conference. They have the highest level of rights in a conference and generally have full control. As a Host, you can share files, control audio and video, invite, expel, promote or demote other attendees.

Click this link, Host rights, for detailed information on what a Host can do.

The Host password is, by default, randomly generated when the conference is created. Users can join meetings and include the Host password to join the meeting as a Host. Or they can select ‘Take host or presenter’ from the Nefsis options after they are in a conference. Users can do so by selecting the circle ‘N’ in the upper left.

Now that you know the power of a Nefsis Host we will show you how to set Host passwords. There are two places you can set the Host password. One place is the web portal.

There is a possibility that your company will have a customized web portal fitting the description of with ‘xyz’ being the company name. If that is the case, browse to the company portal and login. If your company does not have a portal then you can login via

After you have logged in you will see a page that lists your meeting room as well as your conferences. Locate a conference you wish to alter the Host password for and select ‘Edit’. You will see a page similar to the screen shot below. From there, select the ‘Advanced’ button on the bottom left.

You can then either select ‘Show’ to see the Host password or you can type in the whitebox and include your own password. You can also enter passwords for the ‘Participant’ & ‘Presenter’.

Keep in mind that if you set a ‘Participant’ password then everyone that joins the conference must have that password or they will be denied.

You then must select ‘Save Changes’ for the new password to save.

If your environment uses the Nefsis Presence Client (Software Link)

Login to the Presence Client and click the circle ‘N’ in the upper left and choose ‘Switch to Expert view’

Select the circle ‘N’ again and choose ‘Show my conferences’

Locate the conference you wish to change the Host password for and select ‘Edit’

You can change the Host password and also enter passwords for Participants & Presenters. Select ‘OK’ when done.

You now know how to set and create passwords for Hosts, Participants & Presenters. Keep in mind that if you set a participant password users that do not have that password will not be denied from entering the room.

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