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9/5/2009 5:23:02 AM / Edited 9/5/2009 5:39:18 AM by Matt Reply with Quote

Hi Bill,

I don't believe Nefsis is explicitly designed to have multiple conferences running on the same PC (some caveats below), but it will allow you to... One of the ways is this:

1. Login to your Nefsis Contact List (the green "n" in the system tray)
2. Switch to Expert view (step-by-step here)
Switching to Expert view will allow you to create more than one conference (and will give you access to more advanced options)

3. Create a new conference (step-by-step here)
4. You can now launch as many conferences as you wish by going to "Show my conferences" and clicking the Join link (step-by-step here)

However, generally it's much easier to manage a single conference (rather than juggling multiple ones) and there are a couple of caveats to be aware of if you intend to have multiple conferences open at the same time...

- Windows will only let the webcam (or video source) be available to one application at a time. So, the first conference you join will have exclusive access to the webcam. Any other additional conferences you attend, won't be able to use it.

- If you're using the built-in audio (VoIP) with a headset (for example), your voice will be transmitted to all conferences currently running on the PC.

Hope this helps shed some light.

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