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10/18/2010 11:52:52 AM Reply with Quote
Resizing Application Shares.docx 

When performing an application share within Nefsis, there are times when the share overlaps the meeting room. You can avoid this by resizing the share after the share is activated. The following example will show you how to achieve this. But, keep in mind that when you activate an application share, the participants can still see the share even though the share is on top of the Nefsis Conference window.

The following screen shot is similar to what you would see after activating an application share. The first thing you need to do is resize the share by clicking the middle box in the upper right corner.

When you resize the window it will look similar to the following screen shot.

You will then need to resize the window so you can see the Nefsis conference while also sharing out the application. You can do so by moving your mouse over the edges until you see two arrows facing the opposite direction. You can then click and resize the window as needed.

The below screen shot is an example of what the window will look like after it is resized.

You can also resize the window prior to activating the share. If you have dual monitors it is best to open the application and move it to the other window before sharing.

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