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So we have been using Nefsis off and on for a few months now, mainly because it is the only product that has HD video without special hardware. Let me say - the video aspect works great with the MS Lifecam Cinema!

Now the audio is another thing altogether. So far we have been unable to get a "Skype-like" experience with the audio portion (i.e. with Skype it seems that any mic / speaker combo will work without any audio echo).

Here are the various endpoints we have tried without success:
- Microsoft Lifecam Cinema built-in mic w/ external speakers
- Dell laptop built-in webcam and mic w/ laptop speakers
- MXL ProCon USB conference mic w/ external speakers

And we have had partial success with the following:
- Plantronics .Audio 610 USB headset (as mic and speaker)
- Phoenix Audio Duet Executive (as mic and speaker)

For the partial success we have to turn off "Acoustic Echo" and "Adaptive Noise" cancellation. Then a conference headset to headset works well, both parties can talk at the same time. When going headset to Duet, the headset will "overpower" the Duet (meaning when the Duet uses its speaker the mic turns off). So that is what I consider partial success.

Does anyone have any tips for me? Or is this how it works for you as well? Thanks in advance.

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