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8/5/2010 2:17:46 AM / Edited 8/5/2010 2:18:06 AM by Matt Reply with Quote

Hi Laurelle

The Media Sharing feature will allow you to share a sound or video file (such as .wav, .mp3, .wmv, .avi, .mpg) directly through Nefsis to all other participants in your meeting.

Since your training course seems to be a DVD format, I doubt you will be able to share it this way.

However... you can share it by playing it in Windows Media Player (for example) and sharing that application or your entire Desktop with other people in the meeting. Although, this tends to be a less efficient way of sharing media.

You can adjust some settings in Windows Media Player so that participants should see the DVD being played back (instead of a black screen) when shared via Desktop or Application share.

This "black screen" can often be due to hardware acceleration (or the use of overlays) in Windows Media Player.

On Windows XP:
1. Open Windows Media Player
2. Select "Tools" -> "Options"
If you don't have the menus across the top of it, right-click at the top of the Media Player - it should give you a menu where you can select "Tools" -> "Options"
3. Select "Performance" tab
4. Click "Advanced"
5. Untick "Use overlays"
6. Click OK
7. Close any remaining windows

If you're using Windows XP and sharing your Desktop or Windows Media Player application, participants will not be able to hear the DVD audio - as this is a limitation to what Windows XP can achieve with live sharing.

If you're lucky enough to be on a Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer, you should notice an "Options" button towards the left-side of your Desktop share (it's on a vertical toolbar to the left of the screen). Clicking on "Options" will give you a menu where you can select "Share audio".

This should allow other meeting participants to see (and hear!) the DVD.

Hope this helps shed some light :-)

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