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Originally posted by Tom_M 
What is the best way to throttle bandwidth so that Nefsis doesn't use the whole pipe? We have a 3Mb up and down and I would like to throttle just Nefsis so that max it uses is 1Mb.

Throttling your bandwidth depends on the devices you have on your network and the options they provide.

The following is information on Nefsis traffic and programs.

Nefsis travels on ports 22, 23, 80, 443, 1270 & 37000.

Programs used:

C:\Program files\Wiredred\CC\CC.exe

Windows XP/2000:
%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\WiredRed\CC\CC.exe

Windows Vista/7:

If your environment uses the Nefsis Presence Client:

C:\Program files\Wiredred\PC\PC.exe

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